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PROV is proud to announce the issue of our Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Recordkeeping Policy

For the head of the public office to meet their requirements under the Public Records Act 1973, full and accurate records of business must be created, kept and appropriately managed. This policy provides directives in relation to AI technologies to aid public offices in meeting their obligations under the Public Records Act.

The AI Technologies and Recordkeeping policy was designed to address transparency and accountability concerns in relation to AI implementation and use and to enable explainable AI use. This includes the production of full and accurate records/data, as well as the appropriate management of those records/data in accordance with PROV Recordkeeping Standards.

Policy directives cover:

  • Documentation of AI technologies required, including the level of documentation, location of source data, and what should not be accessible by the AI technologies used
  • Ultimate responsibility for the creation and management of full and accurate records (including content created by or through the use of artificial intelligence technologies), which lies with the head of the public office
  • Confirmation that records created by or through the use of AI technologies are public records and must be managed in accordance with PROV Standards
  • Processes required to check and confirm accuracy of records/data created by or through the use of AI, including that they must be overseen by a human being
  • Disposal of public records being overseen by a human being.

The documentation required to meet the policy is not designed to be daunting. Clauses within the policy (such as 1a(1), 1a(iv), and 1(b) provide public offices with the means to tailor documentation in the context within which the AI technologies are being implemented and used and the level of risk involved (such as potential harm caused).

This policy is a companion to the Approval Processes Policy which covers decisions and actions relating to an approval process (including those conducted by machine learning and related technologies). Public offices should apply its terms in line with the PROV Value and Risk Policy and the Recordkeeping Standards to relevant recordkeeping decisions and practice.

Information on how to document AI technologies is available on our Artificial Intelligence Topic Page.


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