Author: Government recordkeeping

About the variation

PROV has issued Variation 6 of PROS 07/01 Retention and Disposal Authority (RDA) for Records of the Common Administrative Functions to include the following changes:

1. Provision of disposal coverage for attendance records that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requires organisations to create—i.e. name and phone number of people (staff and visitors) at a premise—to support contact tracing (if required).

PROS 07/01 authorises disposal in accordance with the directions issued by the public health authority (DHHS currently). A new activity ‘Public Health Compliance’ and record class is added under function ‘Occupational Health & Safety’ (see class 11.13.1).

2. New coverage for records of alcohol and drug testing of employees under function ‘Personnel Management: Employment Conditions’ (see class 12.5.8).

Variation 6 was developed with advice provided by DHHS. PROS 07/01 applies to all public offices.


Further work on PROS 07/01

There is a project to completely replace PROS 07/01 with a new Common Administrative Functions RDA. Agencies are still invited to submit feedback to PROV on the existing RDA PROS 07/01.

Please refer to our project page for further information and instructions on how to submit your feedback to us.