Author: Public Record Office Victoria

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our August 2023 survey ‘Updating Victoria’s public records regulations’. The Public Records Regulations have now been updated and are available to view at Legislation.vic.gov.au


Open records from the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) collection are available to visitors in our Reading Rooms. We also offer digital records online and a paid copy service for researchers. 

These operations are supported by the Public Records Regulations. In August 2023, we put forward some suggested changes to these almost decade-old Regulations to make them more modern, effective and fair for Victorians.

Changes in technology have played a major role in transforming the way we do things. Today, many of our visitors rely on their personal devices to do research at the archives. And with improvements to our equipment and processes, PROV can now copy more records, more quickly. We also recognise the increasing need to protect PROV’s IT and public resources from security threats or misuse and deter unacceptable conduct. The changes we suggested were designed with these factors in mind.

Based on your overwhelmingly positive feedback to our suggestions, we have now introduced the following changes to reading room conditions and pricing for copying services as outlined in the new Regulations. 

Change to copying charges:

Copying services Type Old charge New charge
Digital copies Standard size documents $22.20 per 30 pages $20.70 per 50 pages
  Non-standard size documents $22.20 per page $20.70 per 16 pages
Paper copies (up to A3 only) For each record add to the cost of making the digital copy $16.30 per 30 pages Digital fee plus $5.00
Certification of copies For each document certified Paper copy fee plus $5.00 Paper copy fee plus $5.00


We no longer have a priority/fast track service, however if you require a copy to be done urgently you can contact us with your request. 

More information about copying services for public users can be found here: https://prov.vic.gov.au/copying-services-public-users 

New requirements when visiting our reading rooms:

  • Visitors to the reading room are now able to take a phone call so long as not disrupting those around them. 
  • Visitors are prohibited from intentionally damaging PROV facilities, watching offensive material on devices, and exhibiting abusive and threatening behaviour. 

Further information about our reading rooms, including common researcher questions, can be found here: https://prov.vic.gov.au/contact-us 

Material in the Public Record Office Victoria archival collection contains words and descriptions that reflect attitudes and government policies at different times which may be insensitive and upsetting

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples should be aware the collection and website may contain images, voices and names of deceased persons.

PROV provides advice to researchers wishing to access, publish or re-use records about Aboriginal Peoples