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New records recently added to our collection include audit reports to Parliament, now available online as PDFs; records of the Bendigo Health Care Group, now available to order for viewing at the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre; and historic topographic maps. 

Bendigo health care records

Regional records of Bendigo Health Care Group, Bendigo Hospital, Anne Caudle Cantre, Department of Industrial and Reformatory Schools, Bendigo Receiving Ward, Bendigo Courts, Hospitals and Charities Commission and Health Commission of Victoria have recently been transferred to the PROV collection and are now being held at the Bendigo Regional Archives Centre. The transfer includes annual reports, meeting minutes, correspondence, and patient records from as early as 1854 through to 2017. 

open book
VPRS 18845 Case Book 1908-1910, Bendigo Receiving Ward. This series comprises volumes of patient records of the Bendigo Receiving Ward (VA 2862). The records were used to provide the history of patients and their treatment during the period of their time at the receiving ward. Personal details such as name, age, residence and occupation were recorded as soon as possible after a patient was admitted, and periodically thereafter. Photos by Sebastian Gurciullo.


annual reports
VPRS 18808 cover from the Bendigo Benevolent Home 94th Annual Report,1951-52. These Annual Reports of the Anne Caudle Centre document the activities of the hospital including financial reporting. Photos by Sebastian Gurciullo.


an open report
VPRS 18808 pages from the Anne Caudle Centre Annual Report, 1988-89. The Anne Caudle Annual Reports are arranged chronologically from 1857 to 1995. Photos by Sebastian Gurciullo.


an open book with handwritten notes
VPRS 18846 Patient Notes (of Dr McKee), female 1894-1897. These patient notes were taken by consultant medical officer Dr J.C. McKee of Bendigo Gold District Hospital. The reports are separated into male and female patients. Photos by Sebastian Gurciullo.


Series no.  Title Date
VPRS 18808 Annual Reports 1857-1995
VPRS 18830 Annual Reports 1857-1995
VPRS 18831 Annual Reports 1995-2017
VPRS 18832 Minutes of the Weekly Meetings of the Visitors Committee 1873-1952
VPRS 18833 Monthly Reports of the Director of Nursing to the House Committee 1973-1984
VPRS 18834 Secretary's Reports, Bendigo and District Hospital Contributory Fund 1945-1953
VPRS 18835 Minutes and Reports of the Loddon Hospital's Regional Council and Loddon Health Services Regional Council 1954-1980
VPRS 18836 Resident Surgeon and Medical Superintendent's Monthly Report 1914-1953
VPRS 18837 Honorary Medical Officer's Reports  1885-1892
VPRS 18838 Superintendent's Reports 1884-1934
VPRS 18839 Records of the Visiting Committee 1862-1965
VPRS 18840 Children's Registry, Bendigo Industrial School 1868-1885
VPRS 18841 Visitor's Book, Bendigo Industrial School 1868-1885
VPRS 18842 Petty Session Register Bendigo Receiving Ward 1942-1945
VPRS 18843 Monthly Relief List 1890-1915
VPRS 18844 Minutes of the Medical Board 1892-1987
VPRS 18845 Patient Records 1908-1941
VPRS 18846 Patient Notes 1883-1899
VPRS 18847 Register of Out Patients 1881-1915
VPRS 18848 Annual List of Inmates 1890-1934
VPRS 18849 Register of Inmates 1870-1941
VPRS 18850 Record of Notices of Motion 1859-1881
VPRS 18851 Outward Letter Books 1909-1911
VPRS 18852 List of Life Governors 1854-1964
VPRS 18853 Records of the Boiler and Group Laundry 1956-1990
VPRS 18854 General Index to Admission and Discharge Registers 1856-1935
VPRS 18855 Admission and Discharge Register 1890-1933
VPRS 18856 Register of Patients 1856-1889
VPRS 18857 Board Minutes Victorian Hospitals Regional Sector 3 Loddon/Mallee 1970-1981
VPRS 18858 Monthly Minutes Committee of Management 1857-1930
VPRS 18859 Weekly Minutes Committee of Management 1877-1939
VPRS 18860 Minutes of Advisory Board, Finance Committee, House Committee, Boiler House and Laundry Joint Committee and Management Committee 1975-1992
VPRS 18861 Monthly Minutes Committee of Management 1876-1986
VPRS 18862 Finance Committee Minutes 1923-1931
VPRS 18863 Building and Finance Committee Minutes 1905-1942
VPRS 18864 Joint Committee of Management of the Golden Oaks Village Minutes 1963-1977
VPRS 18865 Register of Applications for Outdoor Relief 1857-1913
VPRS 18866 Applications for Indoor Relief 1860-1909
VPRS 18868 Chief Engineer's Monthly Report Circa 1962-1982
VPRS 18869 Outward Letter Books 1882-1922


a book of volumes
The first box of volumes from the series VPRS 18846 Patient Notes. Photos by Sebastian Gurciullo.


Performance and assurance audit reports to Parliament

Audit Reports from the Office of the Auditor-General (also known as the Audit Office) dating back to 1981 are now available to download. A performance audit evaluates whether an organisation or government program is performing economically, efficiently and in compliance with all relevant legislation. These audit reports are the final records of the audit detailing findings and recommendations. They are tabled in Parliament and are used to highlight any issues of significance to the community and recommended change. Included in the series is the 1997 Schools of the Future Report, 2002 Management of Roads by Local Government Report, and 2010 Access the Ambulance Services Report. View the series VPRS 18552


State finances and financial audit reports to Parliament

Also from the Office of the Auditor General is a series of financial audit reports to Parliament dating back to 1956, either on the financial position of the Victoria or of other public sector entities.  These records contain an audit summary, a financial report, result and an opinion statement. Reports include Annual Treasurers Statements, 1982 Works Contract Overview, 1991 Report on Ministerial Portfolios, and 2001 Report of Public Sector Agencies. View the series VPRS 18553


Historic topographic maps

Maps recently added to our collection include more than 800 Vicmap topographic maps featuring transport, hydrology, vegetation, and administrative information from 1974 to 1994. They also depict watercourses, vehicular tracks, contour lines, homesteads and mountain peaks, roads, built up areas, fence lines, towers, airstrips, and park boundaries. Example locations include Hawkesdale, Moyne River, Port Fairy, Hamilton, Terang, Geelong, Swan Hill, Maryborough and Talbot. View the series VPRS 19124


Two topographic maps from VPRS 19124.


Land records

In addition to these recent transfers, in December we were pleased to announce the addition to our collection of Land Victoria records of the Registrar-General’s Office. Learn more about this transfer in this blog post by Samantha Courtier, Land records of historical significance

VPRS 18874 Registers of Crown Grants, 1838 – 1862



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