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What is APROSS?

An Approved Public Record Office Storage Supplier, also known as APROSS, is a commercial storage facility which has been appointed by the Keeper of Public Records under s.12 of the Public Records Act 1973 for the storage of Victorian public records in physical formats. To become an APROSS a commercial storage facility must be assessed by PROV as meeting the requirements of PROS 20/02 S1 APROSS Specification.

APROSS companies provide records storage services to agencies that may not have sufficient space to store records, or those who don't have the capacity to run their own in-house records storage and retrieval program.


Requirements for APROSS

All commercial storage providers who wish to become part of the APROSS program must meet PROV requirements.

To join the APROSS program, commercial storage providers must have their facilities assessed against PROS 20/02 S1 APROSS Specification. The APROSS Specification provides the measurable requirements APROSS providers must implement to meet each principle under the Storage Standard.

All APROSS appointments are made by the Keeper of Public Records under Section 12 of the Public Records Act 1973.


How to become an APROSS

Commercial Storage Facilities are certified as an APROSS following the receipt of paperwork and inspection by an authorised PROV representative. 

See the following Step-by-Step guide.


  1. STEP 1 - Register interest

    First, you must complete form PRO 37 APROSS Registration of Interest and submit it to PROV. Once the form has been received, PROV staff will contact your company to organise a time to inspect and assess the facility.

    STEP 2 - Prepare for inspection

    Complete form PRO 39 APROSS Pre-Inspection Checklist in the lead up to the inspection. The form also identifies the documentation that you must provide to the PROV representative at the time of inspection.

    PROV may discuss the checklist with you prior to the full inspection being conducted.

    STEP 3 - Inspection

    Inspections take a couple of hours and involve the PROV representative using the PROS 20/02 S1 APROSS Specification to assess the facility and any documentation as required.

    If any compliance requirements are not met following inspection, the PROV representative will write a report detailing what requirements were not met, and what action can be taken by the facility to ensure compliance with these requirements.

    Your company will have the opportunity to rectify any issues identified in the report written by the PROV representative. Once these actions have been completed, your company can contact PROV to organise another inspection.

    STEP 4 - Certification

    Once your facility passes the inspection, PROV staff will recommend to the Keeper of Public Records that the facility be appointed as an APROSS. Upon approval, the facility is certified as an APROSS. A Certificate of Approved Certification will be issued to you by PROV which will allow the storage facility to accept transfers of public records.

    The contact details and address of the APROSS will then be posted on the APROSS: Information for agencies page.


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