Last updated:

August 12, 2021

What is the IMMAP?

The Information Management Maturity Assessment Program (IMMAP) was launched by PROV in January 2016.

Running every two years, the program requires departments and key agencies to undertake a survey assessment of their information management (IM) practices using PROV’s Information Management Maturity Measurement (IM3) tool. PROV then analyses and reports to Victorian Government on the results.

The IMMAP aims to provide:

  • A mechanism for identifying and initiating IM enhancement opportunities both within and across departments and agencies
  • An evidence base which informs the strategic direction and priorities for IM decision makers across Victorian Government


IMMAP reporting

For each round of the IMMAP, PROV has produced an Information Management Maturity Current State Assessment Report, which outlines:

  • Maturity level ratings for each IMMAP participant
  • Average maturity levels for various aspects of IM
  • Recommendations for IM enhancement opportunities

Published reports


Next steps

PROV aims to continue to run the IMMAP and collect, analyse and report on IM3 maturity level ratings every two years.

The next report will be issued in 2022 for the 2021-22 financial year.