Last updated:

July 1, 2020

About IM3

The Information management maturity measurement tool (IM3) has been developed by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) to help Victorian government agencies assess the maturity of their current information management (IM) practices.

Comprising of a questionnaire and supporting document, the tool helps to:

  • measure performance against the whole of Victorian government IM standards
  • assess an organisation’s ability to meet information management best practice.

The IM3 tool is intended to be used by information managers. In many cases, it will be appropriate for more than one person to collaborate on the assessment. Relevant people in the organisation should be consulted to contribute information relative to their area of expertise or knowledge, e.g. information security, data management or records management. Internal consultation can be conducted through meetings, interviews, surveys and/or workshops.


Download IM3

Download the tool here.

Please note:

  • IM3 can only be used in Windows OS.
  • IM3 includes Macros. Please enable content in MS Excel before commencing.
  • Select Yes if prompted to trust document and reduce pop-ups during the assessment.
  • If the tool appears to be unresponsive at any stage, press Enter or click out of the current cell.


Benefits of using IM3

By undertaking the assessment, you can identify areas for improvement, discover organisational trends over time and obtain valuable data (tables and charts) which can be incorporated into information strategies.


Components of IM3

The tool is presented in Microsoft Excel and is made up of the following components:

IM3 Component Description

Set of 17 multiple choice questions, which cover four main areas of focus:

  • people
  • organisation
  • information lifecycle & quality
  • business systems & processes.
Developing IM in Your Organisation

PDF document which describes in further detail:

  • the IM characteristics outlined in the questionnaire
  • suggestions for developing the current level of IM maturity
  • links to Victorian government standards, guidelines and other resources.


How to use the tool?

  1. STEP 1 - Download & save

    Download the IM3 tool.

    Save and rename the file to reflect your organisation and date of assessment, e.g. IM3_DTF_20160805.xls.

    STEP 2 - Launch tool & complete questionnaire

    Open the XLS file. Enable macros and follow the instructions at the beginning of the tool.

    Complete information about your agency and the multiple choice questionnaire (depending on the size of your organisation, you may utilise interviews, workshops and surveys to answer each question).

    Review the results.

    Refer to the Developing IM in Your Organisation document in the tool.

    STEP 3 - Share & use results

    Send your results and any feedback about the tool to PROV via our online enquiry form.

    Use the results to develop your information strategy and information management work planning.

More information about IM3

See our online presentation below for more information about IM3 and the benefits of using the tool.