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PROV has released the new PROS 24/01 Operational Management Standard which can be found on the Standards Framework webpage. 

PROS 19/04 Operational Management Standard has now been revoked.

Thank you to those involved in the Stakeholder Advisory Group and other interested parties for providing feedback on the revised Standard.

Changes to the Standard

Changes to the Standard are mostly around the wording of Principles and Requirements. Some additional Requirements have been added.  A high-level overview of changes are as follows:

Principle/Requirement Change made
Requirement 1.2

Wording changes

  • Feedback identified that "recordkeeping" system may be confused to only refer to an EDRMS, whereas it must be for all systems
  • Stakeholders requested "audited" be included to strengthen this Requirement.
Principle 2

Wording changes

  • Note added stating "system" includes software, servers and networks.
Requirement 2.1

Wording changes

  • Stakeholders felt that more explanation was needed about what "operate effectively" means
  • They also indicated that it was not clear that this Requirement was about the system, not the records.
Principle 3

New Principle

Arrangements for any system transitions must ensure that records are protected and remain accessible and usable for their minimum required retention period.

Requirement 3.1

This was previously under Principle 2.

Wording changes

  • Wording about the migration of records has been included.
Principle 4

This was previously Principle 3.

Wording changes

  • Addition of words to make the Principle more realistic.
Requirement 4.1

Wording changes

  • Addition of words to make the Requirement more realistic.
Principle 5 This was previously Principle 4.
Requirement 5.1

New Requirement

All staff must be trained in how to apply the recordkeeping requirements of the public office, upon induction and periodically throughout their tenure. Contractors and volunteers must also be trained in how to apply any recordkeeping requirements which are necessary for the tasks they are performing for the public office.

Requirement 5.3

Wording changes

  • Stakeholders felt that wording needed to be strengthened.
Principle 6 This was previously Principle 5.
Requirement 6.1

Wording changes

  • Feedback was that combining delivering services/products to public offices and delivering services/programs on behalf of public offices (outsourcing) was muddying the waters. These have now been split to make it clearer.
Requirement 6.2

Wording changes

  • Stakeholders felt that it was not sufficiently clear that the agency is responsible for ensuring recordkeeping requirements are included in the contract, and for ensuring that obligations are met
  • Feedback was given that stakeholders want us to directly state that records of outsourced business need to be managed in accordance with PROV Standards.
Requirement 6.3

Wording changes

  • Feedback received was that it needs to be clear that this refers to the records created by the contracted service.



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