Last updated:

June 11, 2021

What do I need to know?

To find a record of construction between 1850 and 1915, you need either an application number or an estimated date of application. All land owners had to do was submit an 'intention to build' notice to the City. No plans were required.

If you think the construction took place between 1916 and 1961, read the page on building plans and building application files. Records of applications from around 1961 onwards are still held by the City of Melbourne.

How do I search?

Enter the year to find a volume which contained a listing of all applications to build for that year.

Alternatively, if you know the application number, browse the list of volumes that are held and select the one that has the application you are seeking.

About these records

Prior to the Local Government Act of 1915, rather than applying for a building permit, prospective builders needed to send a "Notice of Intention to Build" to the City’s Building Surveyor. Our collection contains thousands of notices  submitted between 1850 and 1915.

Next Steps

Once you have found records of interest to you, order them online and then view in our Reading Room.

What are in these records?

Short letters and forms addressed to the Building Surveyor from owners or builders stating the intention to build in the City of Melbourne.

Information includes :

  • address or location
  • nature of works
  • date work will commence
  • name of builder
  • architect (if any)
  • name of owner
  • date of notice