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PROS 99/007 Management of Electronic Records Standard is superseded and has been replaced by PROS 19/05 Create, Capture and Control Standard. PROS 99/007 was designed to assist agencies in managing their electronic records and create Version 2 VERS encapsulated objects (VEOs).

Please note:

Public offices that have implemented and configured a system in accordance with PROS 99/007 requirements — namely VERS Version 2 VEO creation — can continue to refer to the standard and its associated specifications and advices for the life of the system. 

Public Record Office Victoria will continue to:

  • Accept digital record transfers in VERS Version 2 VEO format.
  • Test current vendor products against the PROS 99/007 requirements up until 30 June 2021. (After this time, PROV will only test vendor VEO creation validity for VERS Version 3 VEOs against PROS 19/05 requirements). 

Vendors may continue to self-certify versions of their current products against PROS 99/007 up until 30 June 2025.

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Implementation experience with PROS 99/007 Management of Electronic Records Standard highlighted a number of minor errors and inconsistencies in the Standard and its associated Specifications and Advices. Errata for PROS 99/007 Management of Electronic Records Standard corrected those errors and inconsistencies.

Technical development package

PROV has developed a package containing tools and code to generate and/or validate Version 2 VEOs. See our PROV VEO creation products page for further information.


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