Last updated:

August 7, 2020

About our VEO creation products

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) has developed technical code and tools to convert permanent and long-term value digital records into VERS Encapsulated Objects (VEOs).

The code and tools have been created for:

  • software developers in Victorian Government agencies to develop in-house tools and processes to convert their digital records into VEOs for transfer to PROV and/or long-term storage
  • commercial software developers to create and sell records management products that can generate VEOs.

See our VEO creation, Commercial VEO creation products and Information for vendors pages for further information.

If you plan to create VEOs as part of a digital records transfer project:

Please first refer to our Digital records transfer step-by-step page for complete guidance about the transfer process.


Technical development packages

Two types of VEOs are currently supported by PROV: 

PROV recommends Version 3 VEOs where possible as these types of VEOs have less stringent metadata requirements and they support records with multi-level, hierarchical folder structures.

Software developers should consult the relevant PROS 19/05 or PROS 99/007 Technical Specifications for the type of VEOs they are generating.


PROV has developed the following packages to generate and/or validate VEOs:




The packages contain:

  • Java code for the tools
  • Supporting JAR files
  • Sample files (e.g. PFX for signing VEOs, schemas and templates)
  • BAT files to demonstrate how applications can be run
  • Word and TXT files to provide instructional information