Last updated:

July 26, 2021

About the program

The overall aim of the Digital Archive program is to increase the value and use of Victoria’s digital and digitised records.

This is in direct alignment with the 'digital forever' goal of the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS)helping Victorian Government to manage and preserve complete, documented, and authentic digital records over time.

To achieve this aim, PROV is updating and improving our entire digital archiving environment. This means replacing the digital archive where we store permanent digital records, as well as the various systems that we use to efficiently accession, preserve and provide access to the digital and hardcopy records in our collection.


What does this mean for you?

In the long run, this program will mean faster digital ingest,  greater user management capability and security, and easier record requests.

In the short term, while all projects are underway you may notice that we won’t be able to maintain the same level of service in regards to new records transfer and appraisal projects. However, priority will be given to those projects already booked in.


Overview of the program

Program work began in 2017 and is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2021. The Program is made up of many separate projects, outlined below.

Project name Project description Status
Revised archival control model We have revised the method we use to catalogue public records (archival control model) to enhance our capacity to describe, preserve and make records accessible. The model is an extension of the previous model, designed for gradual uptake whilst remaining backwards compatible. It conforms with AS/NZS 5478 Recordkeeping Metadata Property Reference Set. Therefore PROV will be able to share and exchange metadata with other organisations more easily, and it is amongst the first in the world to align with the draft Records in Contexts (RiC) Standard issued by the International Council on Archives.  COMPLETE
Archival management system This is the primary system used by our staff for accessioning, managing and describing records and related entities. It will replace our current system and will incorporate the revised archival control model. IN PROGRESS
Digital archive (software and storage) This will replace our current digital archive which is now very slow and no longer able to be updated. The new digital archive will be able to ingest a variety of formats at a much faster speed than before. This project also involves a physical storage system for the digital archive repository. IN PROGRESS
Secondary asset management system This system will contain copies of all of our digital and digitised records that are on open access. Once our new website is up and running, it will be able to display these records via the image transform and viewer services detailed below. We are currently in the process of loading the secondary asset management system with records. COMPLETE
New website and search engine This project involves the development of a new website and content management system. It also involves extending our search functionality to allow users to search for, view and request access to records through a single interface on the new website, replacing Access the Collection. This will also allow users to view digitised search results as thumbnails and then download copies in the format they require them. IN PROGRESS
Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) Standard Principles and requirements under the current VERS Standard will be incorporated within the PROV Recordkeeping Standards so that there will be one framework for agencies to use. We are also revising and broadening the VERS requirements moving from VERS 2 to VERS 3 which will allow for greater flexibility in representing digital records. Any new transfers to PROV can be either VERS 2 or VERS 3 compliant. To assist with transfers PROV is also developing a neoVEO app and supporting guides to help agencies manually create VERS encapsulated objects ready for the archive. COMPLETE
Compute infrastructure The core compute infrastructure for hosting our digital archive and other business applications. COMPLETE
Persistent identifier This allows for unique identifiers, like URLs for instance, to be allocated to entities to enable consistent access to records. COMPLETE
Single sign on This will allow for a single login across multiple systems. For example, in the new system, members of the public will be able to login to certain PROV resources using their Facebook or Google account. IN PROGRESS
Application Programming Interface (API) This will allow other ‘computers’ (for instance Trove, other Libraries and Universities) access to broadscale, repurposeable data. IN PROGRESS
Online ordering, payment and warehouse tracking system All of the above activities are taking place alongside a program to replace the system that manages our warehousing of physical records. This includes the online records ordering system and payment of copies.  IN PROGRESS