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February 7, 2019

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) strives to improve the state of recordkeeping across the Victorian Government. This objective is pursued, in part, through engagement in research and development (R&D) programs and projects. Much of this important work also aligns to the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS).

What we're doing

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Overview of Government Services key programs of work

Digital archive program

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Increasing the value and use of Victoria’s digital and digitised records: a VERS initiative

Machine assisted email appraisal project

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Proof of Concept to manage government Lotus Notes emails: a VERS initiative

Current RDA projects

Current RDA projects

Retention and Disposal Authority projects underway

Information Management Maturity Assessment Program (IMMAP)


Identifying and initiating information management enhancement opportunities

Records survey projects

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Research into records holdings and management practices in Victorian Government

Update of Common Administrative Functions RDA

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Project to replace PROS 07/01

Digital appraisal & disposal research project

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An investigation for the digital present and future: a VERS initiative

SIARD research project

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Archiving relational databases: a VERS initiative

Recordkeeping Assessment Tool (RKAT) project

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Assessing recordkeeping performance and maturity

Standards review project


Reviewing the Recordkeeping Standards Framework

Recordkeeping major highlights & challenges


A report on the Victorian Government recordkeeping landscape 2017-18